Shapeshifting Space


Toggle your mind to polar coordinates and enjoy with this minimalist experiment!!
This game was started for the Ludum Dare 35 (48h Compo) as my fist try with p5.js and it was really fun.
I included generative 'music' that is created along the game based in Perlin Noise formulas its different every time you play.
(Only working on Chrome. Also sometimes gets full of strange noises till you reload the web-page).

No pixels were harmed during this development: Just pure code :)
A pleasure to participate for second time in the Ludum Dare.
After the competition some minor changes have been applied.You can see the original entry here
And now lets play!

UP/DOWN ARROWS to change radius*.
CTRL to switch rotation direction*.
M to mute and P to pause.

Construido con P5.js por Victor Doval